Rethink - Refocus

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The first 3 months of this year have been extremely busy. I took on some additional responsibilities, I spear headed some new initiatives and got involved in far too many side projects. I was running from meeting to meeting without having time to rethink any of the ideas and findings. I was busy but delivered too little and even neglected this blog. I could not go on with this pace and it was necessary to refocus and make clear choices.

With Exact I moved into a great new building. It's open, transparent, facilitates collaboration and especially encourages casual communication. I notice that during a normal day I've much more opportunities to talk to various people. This inspires, motivates and generates more ideas. However focus is required to make sure the ideas get realized.

As of now the majority of my meetings, brainstorms and inspirational sessions will be dealing with only two topics.
1. The research work related to communities, new forms of social software in a business environment and alternative services driven business models. After many years it's now time to start the delivery.
2. User Experience, not as an expert but as the facilitator to embed this into the overall design process and establish as a strategic discipline.

If you want me to participate in meetings, discussions and brainstorms on other topics, expect more often a NO. It's not that I don't want to do it, but it's just that results can only be achieved with focus and determination. When doing too many things you start to see blurry.

I also commit to more regularly publish articles on this blog.

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