My favorite web apps

I'm a the cloud computing, SaaS and web apps are the future kind of person. They are convenient, simple to use and fit my lifestyle using many different devices. I don't need to worry about installing any software, applying any patches and backing up any files. They are there and they always work.

In a blurry work and private situation my browser usually opens with the following tabs loaded by default:

  • iGoogle for an dashboard for my email, documents, feeds and heaps of other stuff. It's hub for my further navigation between applications.
  • GMail, for my private email
  • Microsoft Outlook Web Access for my business email
  • Google Reader for tracking my favorite RSS feeds and for aggregating Twitter and Blog searches on favorite topics. It might not be real time, but it's easy and convenient.
  • Brizzly as my favorite twitter client it completely replaced my desktop twitter clients that required updates every few weeks. 
  • Google Docs for taking notes, sharing and collaboration with others on content
Not opened by default but used a lot are:
  • SkyDrive for storage and sharing of files. I love the almost unlimited storage!
  • Pixlr for a quick photo or image edit, especially when creating a quick image for a blog post or presentation.
  • MindMeister for my mind maps, although my mind is not very easy to map.
  • Wordle for creating beautiful work clouds I do use in presentations.
  • Rubular for creating and testing regular expressions. Yes sometimes I try to do some of these nerdy things.
  • Blogger, for publishing on this blog.
Besides these web applications that help me to be more efficient and productive, I use many others for entertainment and fun. Unfortunately I can't do everything I need with web apps. The highest on my wish list are:
  • A Microsoft PowerPoint compatible application for creating compelling applications. I don't mean a limited functionality version, it should be possible to create complete presentations from scratch. I've tried a few like 280 Slides, Online PowerPoint and Prezi, but they aren't there yet.
  • Video editing, however I'm also realistic enough to know that this is probably not very nearby yet.
What are your favorite web apps for me to try?


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