Moving a Magnificent Milestone

You might already have read: Exact is moving! Monday the 26th will be a strange day, because at the first junction after leaving my home I need to turn left instead of right. This will be the start of a whole new working experience.

The move is not only a new building, it's going to be a whole new, open and transparent working environment to facilitate the Exact community. Two weeks ago I already spend two full inspiring days in the not yet furnished building. The light, the space and the overall atmosphere is really inspiring. It's a magnificent milestone, not only for Exact but also for me personally. The last few years I've been involved in research work, that hasn't been very visible, but is part of the foundation of the new office. Now it's slowly getting time to take off the wraps and start the next phase. This is going to be a thrill and I'm very excited to soon start sharing and collaborating with you all.

As the current Foursquare mayor I also have to inform you that the building has upgraded facilities, a gym and outdoors there will be colorful cows. Don't get distracted and please keep your eyes on the road.

If your are in the neighborhood step by for a visit, but don't forget to check-in.

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