Wordpress versus Blogger

I'm a fan of simple and powerful products and services. In this article I use Wordpress and Blogger as examples to illustrate how two products can differ in providing the same core functionality.

This blog is hosted by Blogger and that is not without a reason. Blogger suits me because it's so damn simple. The post editor has a minimal number of features and they are more than enough.

Post Editor in Blogger

The image above shows the post editor with even all post options expanded, and to be honest, I've never used anything different than the defaults.

The great alternative for Blogger is Wordpress. It's used by many (most) of the big blogs and provides probably 20 times more functionality then Blogger. I also occasionally post articles in a few Wordpress hosted blogs and get frustrated every time, because it's intimidating and I've no idea what all the functions mean and it makes me feel stupid. Any product that alienates from their users and makes them feel stupid is on a wrong path.

I also realize that there are many very smart people that understand all the options and are actually use them. For those people Wordpress is the right product.

Comparing products is useless when the products clearly target different users. Make sure you know your user and target your products and services on their needs.

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