Paper Jam

Good morning, excuse me, I've some troubles with the printer, was the first I heard the lady at the baggage drop off say. Don't worry, we have time and it doesn't look very busy was my quick reply. In fact we were the only ones. A couple of minutes later the printer was fixed and the baggage drop off procedure proceeded. A little later the lovely lady showed a long strip of baggage labels, oops it seems it's printing too many now. There must still have been some in the memory. She completed here work, we dropped off our snowboards at the oversized baggage counter and we continued thru security, had some breakfast and did some last minute shopping before boarding the plane.

While waiting for departure we saw our snowboards getting on the plane, what is always a comforting idea. When we were about to leave the captain came with an announcement that it would take five to ten minutes more, because someone had checked baggage, but didn't board the plane and for security reasons the baggage needed to get removed from the plane. However due to the short flight time we would still arrive on time in Helsinki.

The flight was smooth and after a nap we safely arrived in Helsinki and proceeded to the baggage claim. Since our baggage was priority tagged we expected it soon and indeed three out of the four items showed up quickly. The last piece kept on missing and we proceeded to the lost baggage counter. Having experience with loosing baggage helps in this case. Checking the baggage tags reveiled the problem. One of the bags, the missing one, was tagged with the wrong name and destination. I quickly recalled the printer problem and the spitting out of too many labels. I guess it was the bag of the person that never showed up at the gate. Filling in some paper work we continued our destination. Usually lost baggage shows up in about 24 hours.

About 24 hours later the web based tracking systems still didn't show any signs of delivery. The baggage had not been located yet and a phone call reveiled the same information: 'We have actually no idea where the bag is and it could very well be that you never get it anymore'.

Usually I'm quite casual on lost or forgotten baggage, because if necessary I can always buy some new stuff. Just make sure to carry you creditcard is my motto. However the bag contained snowboard gear and now at the end of the season what is still in the store is either too ugly or a very small or large size. It's very hard to find replacement. For instance I haven't found a fitting pair of cloves yet, an essential item.

So you can see, a simple paper jam will probably have quite an impact on my vacation. The one I decided to be a real vacation and really skip work for a change.

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