Why Microsoft has a chance with Windows Phone 7

I'm relieved the Windows Phone 7 information has been shared with the public. A couple of days ago I already got a preview what got me quite excited, unfortunately I wasn't able to talk about it. The overall design, the user interface, the hardware specifications, etc. are all very impressive, but I was most impressed by a different Microsoft. All the old is gone and most impressive the end user experience became top priority.

The phone is designed for a specific end user persona in mind and not for the IT manager. It's a very focused non compromised design. Overall user experience from front to end has been designed to offer maximum usability and pleasure, this includes hardware specifications and application developer guidelines and tools. This is the first time I so clearly see a Microsoft that does focus on end users and tries to capture their emotions, instead of trying to conquer the hearts of IT professionals. It's a phone for people like you, me and our families.

Unfortunately the usual technology focused blogs and news sites don't seem to cover this in the detail it deserves. The main focus goes to the different user interface, the smooth and cool looks and the great hardware specifications, but that is only half of the story.

Nobody can tell weather Microsoft will be able to gain back market share or already lost the battle. Only time can give an answer, I'm at least willing to give them a fair chance because it's build by a different end user focused Microsoft. If Microsoft brings the user centric story that I heard, get into the hearts of the users the only weak spot is the ability of get their hardware partners to create a slick device.



Weather Microsoft will be mostly rainy...

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