More Life Streaming

Time flies, it's just over a year ago that I introduced my life stream. I like data aggregation and providing a clear timeline of my activities and status updates. FriendFeed was the pioneer on this field and today I still use it for my life stream. Many others followed the idea of feed aggregation and each tried to add their own unique features and visualizations.

I've tried quite a few of them:
1. Arktan
2. Cliqset
3. Dipity
5. Lifeblob
7. Profilactic

There are of course many more, but how many can you try ;-) Unfortunately like it happens so often, I liked the original still the best, especially the very first version. FriendFeed has moved on and their future even has become uncertain.

Just for fun I started to work on my own little life stream project. It's inspired very much by FriendFeed, but for some reason I also like the idea of being in control of my own data. I like to keep up with technology and learn something new. It was quite a challenge to come where the app is today. I had to learn some python, deal with a scalable data store and make sure the stream gets automatically refreshed.

In case you want to check it out:

I appreciate your feedback

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