Stop, Pause and Observe Progress

The world is constantly changing and we call this progress. Often we don't even realize or observe the progress, just because we are too busy living our lives, or completely the opposite is happening and we think progress isn't going fast enough.

About a week ago I participated in a 'Wampex', lets call it a survival thru the night. It was not the first time a participated, but the previous time was a few years back. At the start you are given a booklet with puzzles that you need to solve in order to find the correct route thru the woods, fields etc. Everything happens in the dark and the participants need to take care of their own flashlights. These lights take bulky batteries and are not very energy efficient so spare batteries are a good thing to carry. During the night you could easily spot other teams by the yellowish lights they were carrying.

This year something was different. The light weren't yellowish anymore, but very bright white. It was so obvious that the forrest was full with white dancing lights. What happened? The answer is very simple, everybody adopted to LED lights, because they are very energy efficient and take smaller batteries making it easier to carry the light on your head, causing the dancing lights.

A few years ago you would see the occasionally LED headlight, but those were pricy and only a few early adopters would use them. These LED lights have gone mainstream and only a few laggard still carry traditional flashlights. I'm pretty sure that during the few years I didn't participate the 99% change took place. Most people probably didn't even notice it happened, because it went very slow.

I was able to spot progress, because I took a break and had a better reference checkpoint to the past. In our daily lives we can do the same. When ever you think nothing is happening and you and your environment got stuck. Stop, Pause and observe. You will be surprised!

Image credit: steve.grosbois


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