The Apple iPad - My First Impression

Like so many I looked forward to the Apple announcements of today. Expectations where unrealistically high, and there is now after the event a sense of disappointment. I do believe the geeks and feature freaks will be surprised. This is a device for the masses and is gonna change home computing.

I think it's a very slick device, it has the usual Apple simplicity and styling, but most importantly it opens a whole new world of computer usage. Just image:
1. When you are having your breakfast, it's just next to you updating you with the latest news in the world.
2. When you are watching a movie, lay on the couch and retrieve some additional information about the cast, setting etc. It will enrich your experiences with ease of just a few touches.
3. In business where most people drag heavy laptops in meetings to surf the web, punch out some emails etc.. Now you show style when making your notes.
4. In the summer you like to be outdoors, have a drink or two on a nice terrace. You forget the time and still have the ability to keep up with you social networking, news and ordering some groceries.
5. When traveling we now carry along either a under powered netbook or a bulky notebook, just to keep the home front informed about our whereabouts. Now you have an eye catcher travel buddy

In short, it's not going to be about the device, it's going to be about the experience it will deliver to you. I'm excited and can't wait to add to my collection of computing devices.


Nice points, I totally agree. I think its a great device for use on the couch or a nice travel buddy. I also think its a great handy tool for small business meetings.

For one, I can't wait to get one.

Good comment, a little bit like this blogger states ( The iPad isn't about screen size, memory, processor speed. It's about magic. Apple is selling magic!


apple is selling a 'good feeling' devices.
when you use it, you feel you are being pampered,eveything is easy, you don't feel stupid or slaved by rules or system or error messages and you feel good about yourself. :)

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