2010 is well on it's way.

20102010 is all business again, most of us have had their first working days and we have dealt with most of the best wishes for 2010. It's time to look forward... wait... not so fast.

If I had to recap 2009 in one word it would be 'Twitter'. This is very well reflected by the best read post of 2009: 'How to create a Tweet This button in a blogger blog'. Everybody was interested in getting their blog posts on Twitter and it works, because 'Twitter' was also the biggest refer of this blog after the 'Blogs of Note effect'.

It's difficult to predict the word that is going to describe 2010, it is probably the name of a new hot device we all want to have. I already explained in my predictions for 2010 that various devices will drive the demand for more real-time information delivered thru cloud services.

In a year we will see which of my 2010 articles you choose to define the word for 2010.

'2010' by doug88888

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