Information Technology made me an Outcast

Information technology is all about bits and bytes, zeros and ones and has challenges dealing with different patterns. I'm living in the Netherlands and have a very common dutch name, however it doesn't fit in the rules of information technology. This makes me an outcast in today's world.

Let me explain my name, it's as a full name Aad 't Hart, with Aad being the first name and 't Hart the last name. You read this correct, my last name starts with an apostrophe, a small letter t, a space and then starting with a capital letter Hart. When sorting and searching in a list I belong in the 'H' section. It's not that difficult but let me share some of the issues that I've been running into in the last many years.

1. In the early days of IT sites often crashed when I entered my last name starting with the apostrophe. The root of this problem mostly laid in the apostrophe also having very technical internal meanings and dealing with them properly is difficult. Today many times a name starting with an apostrophe is just not excepted.

Needless to say that I entered my real name, but it just doesn't get accepted by the system.

2. Last names must start with a capital letter and are often automatically converted. You can also see this in the image above, but MySpace even replied to me that it was a feature of the site and apologized for the inconvenience it caused.

Nice, MySpace is sorry that I end up in an identity crisis.

3. The 't just gets stripped of as if it doesn't belong to my name. The Apple to Google address book synchronization is a clear example of this.


4. Since my name should appear at the 'H' in a list sorted by last name I often use only Hart for the last name and make the 't a middle name. Unfortunately this results in many other side effects, most of the time my full name suddenly becomes Aad Hart.

I challenge everyone working in the Information Technology to solve the gap between technical capabilities and the use and promotion of real identity and names. I'm just an example of the poor technical implementations for dealing with real identities and names.


Maybe this is the reason that Prince no longer uses that symbol for his name, he was just finding it too difficult to join social networking sites.

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