Bored with you standard presentation slides?

The human brain is not linear and I struggle quite often to get my ideas in a presentation. I like to use mind mapping techniques to sort ideas and create stories. Most presentation solutions today unfortunately are based on slides placed in a fixed sequence resulting in a lot of duplication with 'summary' slides. Cool animations and transformations try to cover up the non linear patterns of my brain.

While checking out some web based online presentation tools I found Prezi - The zooming presentation editor. This is something really different and extremely cool. Just to give you an idea check out the embedded presentation I quickly created based on some earlier created material. If it doesn't show you can also find it here.


I agree that Presentations can be a pain to storyboard the flow. I have been reading "Presenting to Win, The Art of Telling Your Story" by Jerry Wiessman. I think your example shows that how just pictures can simply tell a story versus using paragraphs or bullet point after bullet point. Jerry is really big on telling stories, since he has helped Cisco, Yahoo and Intel.

Hi Aad,

Good tip, thanks! I like the different way of working. Prezi takes a little bit of different thinking, but when you for instance understand how the Zebra works it is great an really intuitive. Here is my go at it:

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