Where did your Microsoft heart go?

In a reaction on my Chrome OS article one of my Microsoft buddies emailed me the above question: Where did your Microsoft heart go? This requires some additional disclosure!

In my professional live I work for Exact responsible for technology partnerships and innovations. In this role I extensively work with Microsoft, constantly searching for new and improved ways to strengthen the technology partnership. In the recent period this resulted in an Windows 7 endorsement, An Exact Synergy Office Business ApplicationExact Globe Windows 7 certification and Exact Synergy integration with Office Communication Server. Windows 7, I wrote about a few times earlier, is a big step forward and I'm proud that also our customers can benefit with the latest Exact Globe 395 release. The integration with Office Communication Server is of a different nature, it influences how people work together. It's a topic close to my heart, I love unified communication, because it will be the single biggest change in our professional lives. Unified communications provides more efficient communication, it matches with communication requirements for newer generations and we can finally start calling people instead of numbers. Microsoft provides great technology to create compelling business solutions and in my professional role I continue to work on new and innovative solutions.

However I'm also critical and look beyond what is offered today. I like simple but powerful solutions and do believe the web is going to bring them to us. I very clearly see a future that brings private and business closer together. It will take time and the Social web, Start ups, the Crunchpad and Google Chrome OS are indicators where it's all going. I would be silly not to investigate and explore.

This article is 100% written in the browser, partly on Windows 7 - Chrome and Mac - Safari, using Pixlr to resize the image.


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