Animoto - Cool and Quick Videos

A while back I was pointed to Animoto, but I didn't really have a good subject to experiment. Animoto is a services that helps you to create professional looking impression videos. All you have to do is upload some pictures and video, select a nice tune for background music and off you go. I really like this kind of easy services that even can make me look like a professional.

Today I did have a good topic for an experiment. Yesterday I was jury at the Delft Design & Engineering Award and during the day made some pictures and even a short video. I uploaded some of the pictures and below you see the 30 second video result.

The free version only allows 30 second videos, but 30$ a year gives you full length videos. For future video I will definitely upgrade.

For those interested, the photos are created with my iPhone in combination with the Posterous Application and can all be found at my posterous blog.

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