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A few weeks ago I ran into a nice new travel blogging service OnTheRoad.to. Before I wrote something about it I had to test it a bit. Last weekend I spend some time at the October Festen in Munich and it was a good opportunity to test.

Often when you go in a trip it's nice for the people staying at home to keep them up to date of your adventures. This is exactly what the specialized blogging services does. You create a trip page that combines a map with your whereabouts including stories, images and other multi media. There are many ways to create content, of course you can use the web site, but it's also possible to email, text message or use on of the mobile applications. I personally love the iPhone application, because you can create 'offline' content and publish when you have a data connection. This is very convinient when you want to control your data roaming expenses when traveling,

Tomorrow I start a bit of traveling again and you are more than welcome to follow my whereabouts.


The iPhone application for offline content sounds really handy, particulary since data costs could be vry variable abroad...

Thanks for the post, very useful.

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