The Solution counts, Not the Product

Today I got referred to a Microsoft SharePoint article with a rather bashing title: Danger! Do not implement SharePoint in your Organization! I'm absolutely no SharePoint expert, but I do know it is pretty successful in the market place. It just can't be that bad!

I did  read the article and it is a whole lot better than the title suggests. I absolutely underwrite it's not about the technology but about the business challenge you are solving. No business is interested in 'implementing products' but in solving their challenges.

It's important to always identify the business needs with as much detail as possible. Scope these down into a feasible project, because it's a lot easier to build more on early successes instead of repairing last minute failures. Select the product/technology that has the potential to solve the challenges and, very important, select the right partner for helping you with the implementation. Does the partner have the domain expertise and a credible track record in solving similar challenges.

It's like a puzzle, focus on the solution, not the problem!

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