PaaS Rocks!

Recently I've been playing around a bit with the Google App Engine. Slowly I start to learn how all this Platform as a Service is going to influence the future of software development.

Today I was just checking some of the log files of the little application I'm working on and saw a lot of warning messages.

The logging, the messages and heaps of information all comes with the platform. I still remember the days that all this kind of plumbing had to be build by ourselves in order to get information on the performance of your applications. This is going to really gonna benefit our customers, we just get more capacity to create value for them.

Now another interesting part of the message is the fact that I soon will exceed some of my quotas. This literally means that it's gonna cost me money. This is a real good motivator for me to optimize the solution, because I just can't throw some extra cheap hardware against it. It will be recurring costs for the rest of the life cycle of the solutions... So I better get back to some coding and deal with the CPU usage problem.

Platform as a Service Rocks!


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