My Social Profiles

I signup and experiment with many different emerging services and startups. During these experiments I've collected quite some social profiles. Below you find some of those that solely focus on creating a user profile with a purpose to aggregate it all in one list.
It's interesting to notice the different approaches, some focus on making the profiles very shiny and flashy, while others just try to collect as much information as possible.

However the coolest of them all, and not even mentioned in the list, is the one you need to see in action. It comes from the MIT Media lab and is called personas. Give it a try, enter your name and it attempt to characterize you as a person. It tells me that 'online' dominates my life!


I like your blogs, lol it's exactly what I'm thinking I mean isn't it crazy how people don't leave comments? oh well maybe I'm just crazy anyways keep up with good work :)


I give it a try but it does not accept é as part of my name André

GR. André

Nice blog content !!! If you have free time, don't forget to visit my blog.


ROFL, it thinks I'm into sports...

Marco van Dijk

I've tied it, but in the netherlands I've a common name, so the outcome is a mix of all marco's.....

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