The 'Blogs of Note' effect

I write this blog for fun and it's just a way for me to share some of my thoughts with those interested. I attract between 800 and 1000 monthly visitors, what I already consider a reasonable achievement.

Last Thursday the number of visitors suddenly changed, because Blogger gave this blog a 'Blogs of Note' listing. I noticed this due to a significant increase in comments and it got me pretty excited. A few hours after the listing I already hit the 400 visitors and that was already a big record. The next day I monitored the statistics and couldn't believe the first 1000 and soon the second 1000 and ending the day over 4000 visitors. The next day it already slowed down and it will be interesting to see how long before it's back to normal again.

Next to the blog visitors also the blog followers and RSS subscriptions increased significantly. This is really exciting because it shows that there are people who like what I write.

Since it was the first day that I got a significant number of visitors I also has a look a the browser statistics and is was quite interesting to see that only half of the visitors was with Internet Explorer and about one third with FireFox.

I'm now curious how this will develop over time. Do any of the sudden visitors stick around and become regular visitors. In a few months we will see what happened. I will keep you updated.


What stat program do you use?


All statistics come from Google Analytics, It's very simple to add this to your blogger blog.

average 30 visitors a day is pretty good. how long have you had this blog to achieve this goal? what's your secret?


Thx, I've no secret, I just try to write useful content.

I found your blog through the 'Blog of note link' and added to my Google Reader. What compelled me to follow was your articles on google app engine, which is something I am playing with as well.

Did Blogger communicate why they picked you?

I must say I found your blog thru 'blogs of note'. I've found it difficult to sift through the zillions of blogs for things that might interest me. Good luck with the following.


your blog is so cool. you inspire me!!!!!

Hey there,
I have been checking the blogs and as you said your blog is betweent the blogs of note. So i am here! This is the answer of "if i had been choosen for Blog of Note, what would i have done?" Exactly the same, i would write a note about the change...

I like your blog, i thing i will be one of your followers :) When you come back to my blog, you wont understand my language but maybe i can start to write some parts in English.



You've got one more follower - me ! I am Armin.
Your blogs are high-quality efforts. Very-good !

Very nice blog - congrats on being a Blog of Note!

Absolutely fantastic blog, I hope your followers stay. My little blog will never get to "celebrity status". I just waffle on about random nothingness. Congrats to you tho!

Nice blog. Congrats on making the blogs of note list.
Good luck with you new following.
Stop by and check out my blog sometime at
Maybe you could add me as a link and throw some traffic my way.
Enjoy your new celebrity blog status.


I wonder how many new visitors arrived due to RT of the 'Blogs of Note' announcement? That would also be an interesting stat - how many unique new visitors entered from links other than 'Blogs of Note' page?

You provide consistently interesting and useful articles. Thank you.


Thanks ever so much for the link, I will be sure to sort that out, will be interesting to see my stats like this. I use statcounter until now, which is good, but does not look so nice.

Thank you.

cool blog

well I found you through the blogs of note and your not getting rid of me. So at least some of the new visitors will stick around

well..u r lucky that u got into bloggers note but its quite sad that those people do not come again :(

Hi Aad, would be interesting to do a Exact and non-Exact comparison as well. Not that this matters but just from analysis perspective....


Nice Bloog

I love ur blog I only do movie reviews you do stuff I would have never imagined. If you wanna see my blog

Nice blog. I'm leaving you a comment in the vain hope that someone will read my comment and think that I am interesting, therefore spike their interest so that they will come and visit me.

Oh, and I think that your blog of note will increase your daily visitors in the long term....

It's really interesting to see your stats; having just come to the end of my fist month of blogging, I've found it really intriguing to watch the varying traffic to my blog. For example, a hyperblogger tweeted a link to me, and suddenly I had loads of visitors for a few hours.

Thanks for the post; I'll keep reading your blog.

The great thing about reading recommended sites, is that I might not otherwise do so, and it is always nice being surprised. Well done. - James, UK Virtual Office

I haven't a clue how many people read my blog. Zero I reckon. I do it for my own sanity, so quite frankly I'm not sure I really care. People have shit to do, so I don't expect them to read my retarded ramblings.

But you do have a nice blog.

Wow. it's amazing posting. Tks for sharing these to us.

ya im just waiting for the day they trust me enough to make me a blog of note, these are pretty interesting statistics you've figured out.

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Nice to see comment without an affiliate link or three following. Re your comment on whether visitors stick around - I think that they will stick with any blog/ site that's consistently high in content quality.


I found you via the service, so I say well hello ;-)

I think that they will stick with any blog/ site that's consistently high in content quality.

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