Summer break, Time for some Hands-On work!

In the last two weeks I did quite some hands-on work with the research team. Since it's summer, there aren't many management meetings giving me some time to work with the research team. I closely worked with some team members on solutions, wrote some actual code and of course had many questions. I liked it a lot:

1. It gives me something tangible that shows my contribution to the solution. I know it's silly, but at a certain point it's nice if you can touch something.

2. It allowed me to move some stuff forward into the planning, because of my hand-on contribution added some additional capacity. It probably delayed some other projects due to my questions, but I just ignore that for the moment.

3. It made me appreciate the team even more. I used to write a bit of code in the past, but these highly interactive AJAX websites are quite a bit more complex pieces of engineering than I was used to. These guys and gals are real rock stars!

4. It also confirmed that we have been doing the right things. A deep dive into the solution and working with the components really gives you a lot more insight that the stories told.

By now those that work close with me  know what I'm talking about, but the others probably have no clue. We're progressing on one of the Exact Research projects and will share it with you when we feel it's fit enough to do so. I hope this can just be sooner than later

Image credit: Justin


For me, it was a bit like 'the old days', and really fun to do!


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