Summer and Summer jobs

The summer is a great period, nice weather, outdoor dinners and regular beers on a nice terrace. People are a lot more relaxed and seem to have more time. People take vacation and business is slow, again providing time for other things.

A week ago I already wrote about the hands-on activities in the quiet summer period and how much I enjoyed it. Another joy of the summer is students joining the team for a summer job. This year 2 students joined the Exact Research team for a few weeks to do some design and engineering assignments. I like this a lot, for various reasons.

1. For every team it's good to bring in some outsiders to provide new and different views on work we have been doing so far. It helps the team against tunnel vision.

2. Generation Y are our future customers, it doesn't hurt to have the Generation X team, including me, learn a bit about them.

3. I like to give young people an opportunity to learn something and help them starting their careers, while they help me and the team to do jobs we don't have time for.

4. They inspire me!

Jeffry and Edwin, Thank you for your contribution...

Image credit: Lin Pernille

First post written with Chromium on OS-X

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