NUYK - A unique and smart address book

In a reaction of my disappointment by Plaxo, Flavio commented about NUYK being similar to Plaxo in the old days when it was still about the address book. This was a good reason for me to try and play around.

NUYK, what is by the way not the easiest name,  offers and online address book that can easily be synchronized with Outlook, Mobile phones and promises synchronization with Gmail and Hotmail. Clearly the Mac OS-X address book is still missing here. Besides the address book it offers you to maintain a profile with extended information about yourself. The profile has various privacy settings and you can control how much your contacts can see about you. You are all the time in control, what is very important for this kind of service. You can learn more here.

Besides the internal profile for your contacts you have the ability to define a public profile, you can see mine here, and control what will be publicly visible about you. Unfortunately there is no vanity url available for the profile and the options to control the content are limited. However I do believe the UNYK will improve in these areas with proper community feedback.

Some of the improvements I would like to see are:
1. Synchronization with my Mac address book
2. Vanity URL on my public profile
3. The ability to sort my address list by first name, last name
4. More privacy options to make groups of information available to groups of people
5. More information to be added to my profile, e.g. urls of other profiles I have.
6. More options to control the information on my public profile
7. Widget for my public profile, to be embedded in other web resources I manage
8. A less spammy approach for invitations. UNYK will not send anything without your consent, but you have to be very careful. Currently it wants to send to each and every email address in your list. My the looks of it, it will also send duplicate invitations to the same person. Note: I have not send out a single invitation, and will absolutely not do bulk invitations.

However this is all nice and sweet, but a service like this is useless if your buddies aren't using it. Currently only a few of my contacts are known and clearly in my network UNYK hasn't reached the adoption of Plaxo yet. I will continue to play around, provide some good feedback to UNYK and may be the guys are able to create a really nice and compelling service out of this.

Have you tried the service and what is your opinion?

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