A New Laptop, My Worst Nightmare

My good old Sony Vaio is dying on me. A little bit too often it's giving 'no operating system found' messages. Usually shaking it a bit solves the problem, but it's getting worse and it doesn't give me a lot of confidence. I need to invest into a new one, it's about time, the Sony Vaio served me well.

About 3 years ago I selected it based on a performance weight ratio. It has a 13.3" screen that is big enough for daily work and it's carbon casing makes it not too heavy. It was good to travel around with, although a bit on the larger site. Times have changed and today I defined new criteria. I want more mobility, and I settle for less performance, because for most of my daily work I use the browser and less local computing. So the criteria are very simple: 12" screen, a small SSD, a build in camera and less than 1.5kg.

Now you would think it would be very simple to find something matching these criteria. I'm sure it exists, but the web sites of the major vendors are all a night mare. They all proudly present their cool and colorful designs, the lifestyle value, etc... I like this... but also give me a model selector. Just a few examples how crazy it has become.
1. Dell doesn't show laptops on the home page. I first have to select if I want to use it at home, in a small and medium business, in the public sector or in a large enterprise. I want to use it everywhere! However after selecting any of the above options there is a reasonable product selector. Unfortunately nothing that matches my criteria.
2. Sony offers at the home page some navigation to laptops, but no product selector. They have series based on all the letters of the alphabet that they expect you to explore one by one. After exploring I learned that I need to choose between 11" or 13" screen.
3. Hewlett Packard, starts good. A direct link to Laptops on the homepage that brings you directly into a reasonable product selector. However I again need to choose between home and business use and there is nothing that matches my criteria.
4. Lenovo also provides a direct link to Laptops on the homepage leading to a product selector. However they first confuse me with the question if I need a value line, Idea Pad or Think Pad... I've no idea. The product selector on 12" gives me 5 ThinkPad X200 models with very extensive descriptions. Do they really think I understand this. There is no way I can easily see which one matches my other criteria. I'm guessing there is a model with a build in camera and I really have no idea what is the recommended Mobile Media Base. Anyway... so far the closest to my requirements. Unfortunately they are so ugly

Do I feel good and all excited about getting a new laptop. No, absolutely not, while I was really excited when I got my Macbook Air. May be I should just try to repair my good old Sony Vaio friend.

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