Lazyfeed, Just Right for Me!

I've written about RSS feeds before and hoped to believe that everybody would be able to use them. Looking around taught me that this is not the case. RSS is great and we should continue to publish as much content as possible, because this allows others to build alternative user interfaces around the content enabling a broader reach for the content.

One of these alternative user interfaces is Lazyfeed, as the name indicates it's for lazy people that don't want to maintain hundreds of feeds in a reader, check them a couple of times a day, scan headlines for something interesting, etc...

Last week I picked up an invite code true Louis Gray. I played around with it over the weekend and I like it. It won't replace my regular feed reader for reading my oh so many RSS feeds, but it's an addition for exploring something new. It's very easy to use, the sign-up barrier is very low and you can start exploring right away.

Just search for your favorite topics and in real-time articles start to stream in. You can save your topics for later and when you return new article are available. This brings you very easily to new interesting content.

Alternatively you can link your favorite sites to you account and automatically the topics of those sites are extracted and a stream of interesting content is created for you. Now your really don't need to do anything and as lazy as you are you can start exploring.

Louis Gray also posted a nice introduction video, much nicer as I can explain it to you. You find it here if the video doesn't show up.

I don't know the current official status of Lazyfeed, but I'm sure if you reach out to Louis Gray he will be able to help you out.

For me, I go back exploring after saying: Louis, thank you for the invite.

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