Kill or Keep?

Last week Plaxo lost all it's value, good moment to think about cleaning up al the registrations for the various services that I've used once in a while. There are always many services worth a try, but only a few stay valuable over a longer period of time.

For most most unused services the decision process to kill or keep is simple. Have I used the services recently, does it provide me value and if not delete the account. However for some services it's less simple and Plaxo is an example one of those.

Although Plaxo has lost it's initial value there is still some value in it.
1. It offers me a public profile that gets reasonably high in a Google search when searching for my name
2. It services as an outpost for this blog and it does generate a few comments
3. There is referral traffic from Plaxo to my blog
4. It provides me a vanity url to my profile:

For now I've decided to keep, maintain my profile, keep it as an outpost but not actively participate in the discussion.

What would you do?  Kill of Keep?

Image credit: Jelene


I'm a Plaxo user of the 1st hour, but (like your) do not actively use it. Instead I'm actively using LinkedIn. Still people are finding me also via Plaxo, so for that reason I've decided to keep it. Like you decided for yourself , there should be an added value to it. For me it's that it's an additional network via which people can find me, for you it's this and more (as you describe). So, to answer your question, I would keep it!

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