Keeping up with Technology

Technology companies are usually busy with three stages of technology. The current, the emerging and the future. In my role at Exact, where we create business software, I also have to deal with these different stages. For business software companies the stages are 'on premise' licensed software, 'Software as a service' (SaaS) and the future related to 'Platform as a Service' (PaaS).

'Platform as a Service' is a topic the technology world talks about a lot, but is not really on the mind of our customers. However it's important that technology companies research the future possibilities in order to be ready when the business opportunities rise. The decision makers have moved on in their careers and for the research they rely on very smart engineers, architects and technology partners.

I also left my real engineering days behind me. However I still like some hands-on work and in the last weeks I also started a little hobby project on the Google App Engine. The solution that I will reveal a little later is not really important, but I enjoy to get a better understanding of the changing concepts and how organizations need to adapt. The learning curve is pretty steep for a rusty guy like me, but the experience is good. I already learn that there will be quite some impact on the design of very data driven applications, because during the development the data is a lot harder to access and all relational database concepts needs to be revised for proper scaling.

... and now the moment you have been waiting for. I work, inspired by FriendFeed on a little life streaming application. You can check it out at and remember it's just a little skunk work for fun.


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