FriendFeed we had a good time together, bye bye, enjoy Facebook

I love FriendFeed from very early on. I clearly remember my buddy Ronald Voets telling me about a cool service some ex Googlers had setup. It was easy to get started, including already then a Facebook application.

It didn't take long before FriendFeed became the center of my life-streaming and until I find a new alternative it continues to power the life-stream on this blog. I even went so far to say that I won't use a service if I can include it in my FriendFeed stream.

I continuously try many new services but there are not many that stick with me. FriendFeed was one of them, although my usage significantly changed over time. In the early days I had limited followers and saw it as an alternative to twitter, but after a while when my followers increased I couldn't keep up. The groups and discussions made it easier, but still too much information to constantly follow. However saved searches and even instant search are great research tools. When you want to dig up some information it's a great way to use the different search capabilities. Further I would almost daily have a peek at the 'best of day' what was just a nice feature too make sure you kept up to date to the most current events.

Now after yesterdays announcement that FriendFeed got acquired by Facebook at first I was confused. Of  course it's great for the FriendFeed guys to make some money and I also understand their arguments of synergies and working in a team with the same spirit. I do recognize this very well, cos engineers want to work with similar talented people. However FriendFeed and Facebook are so different, It's business versus friends, it's open versus closed, it's honest versus deceiving, it's black versus white.

I can now only hope that the 12 people David can turn around the 800 people Goliath and make sure that the great FriendFeed lives on....

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