Friday Snow Leopard, the First of many Gadget to come this Winter

Apple announced today, earlier as expected, that Snow Leopard will be available as of Friday. This gives me something to do over the weekend. And Yes, I do think it's worth the 49 Euro for the Family pack. The support for Microsoft Exchange and an additional 6Gb of free disk space alone are already worth the money.

In October Microsoft also comes with an updated operating system, Windows 7. I also look forward to this, because it's a lot better than Windows Vista. However I'm, depending on pricing, probably be a bit more hesitant to upgrade. In this house holds already 1 Vista Ultimate is upgraded to Windows 7 RC out of desperation, but it's a hardly every used PC. Further there is a Vista Ultimate Media Center that unfortunately can not be upgraded to a down graded version without a clean install. Microsoft, please understand that many people don't want clean installs, especially on a media center when you loose all play counts and other statistics. The rumored Ultimate upgrade price of more than 200 Euro is almost the same as an Apple TV. This is gonna be a tough choice.

Today Nokia announced a cool new Netbook with a 12 hour battery life. Nokia phones always have excellent battery life, so I do sort of take this announcement seriously. I would love to have a Netbook that is decent looking and has great battery life and a proper screen resolution. I can't wait for more details. 

And finally I'm waiting for all the rumored tablets. I haven't heard much about the CrunchPad recently. I just hope it isn't dead and it will be available soon. It's gonna be a great device to surf the web while laying on the couch, sitting on a terrace etc. This of course doesn't eliminate the necessity of an Apple tablet too. The CrunchPad for traveling, hanging around in the city and an Apple tablet to carry around to meetings in the office. 

What gadgets are you looking forward to this winter?

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