What I expect from Office 2010

Now the initial dust on Microsoft Office 2010 has settled it's a good moment to share what are my expectations. I'm very excited, because it will be a major step forwards for Microsoft Office and enable so many new ways of working. Since Microsoft hardly shares any real information I might be completely off with my expectations, but we will see in, I guess, about a year.

1. I'm only really interested in the Office Web Client. The desktop version has had it's time, it's too big, takes too much time to install and I need a license for every single machine I use. The Web Client fits with my mobile style of working.

2. The web client needs to be fast and work in any browser. This seems to be obvious, but in practice Microsoft still needs to do a lot of work to make all their web properties work correctly on browsers other than Internet Explorer. If the performance of Live Spaces and SkyDrive are an indication to go by, then Microsoft still has some work to do. At least there is good hope, because Bing is good and hopefully a permanent step forwards in the right direction.

3. The web is about embedding, widgets, and mash ups. I expect the Office Web client to come with the capabilities to embed Office documents for viewing, or even better editing, in any website I manage. This would for instance allow 'SlideShare' kind of embed able presentations in enterprise systems.

4. The web is about sharing and collaboration. I expect the Office Web components to really excel in the abilities to share and jointly work on documents and presentations with others. The key reason for using Google Apps today, the collaborative features. This without any doubt of course also includes a full web enabled communicator and/or messenger client.

5. The web is about open API's. I expect the Office Web to come with an API that allows me to manipulate my documents in the cloud.

I can't wait to get more detailed information and get hands on experience.


Good list. Just as Google beat Microsoft to this punch, I've come to think ERP suites need the productivity features digging out and redesigning for collaboration. The axis of how people now work has changed, most desktop software has not.

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