Unified Communications for Everyone

I'm a big fan of Unified Communications, because it helps to bridge generations and gives a human touch to machines. Communication is directed towards people and not numbers.

My love for Unified Communications resulted also into a significant research investment into integration possibilities of the Microsoft implementation of Unified Communications into the Exact Product portfolio. You can see some of the results in this video. The research work has paid off and currently presence based on Microsoft Office Communication Serve is implemented into Exact Synergy Enterprise. You can read more about this on the Exact Product Blog. Note: Exact enthousiasts, make sure to follow the Exact Product blog for new and exciting product information, news and tips.

However one of the concerns when working on these solutions is always the complexity of the infrastructure for the customers. At Exact we create great solutions for Small and Medium Businesses that usually are too small for complex and expensive IT infrastructures. We do have a responsibility to our prospects and customers to provide solutions that create significant value without excessively complex IT infrastructures.

In the 'True Value of Software as a Service' I wrote that Software as a Service is the driver of commoditization of IT. With the Microsoft Business Productivity Suite this has become reality, it brings Unified Communication as a Service towards organizations of all sizes without having to worry about complex infrastructures. Of course we are still in the infancy phase with limited functionality, but it's very likely only a matter of time until full fledged Unified Communications will be offered as a Service. Others will start to offer this too, creating advanced commodity services at affordable prices. This is good news for many organizations that do see the value but are worried about the complexity and costs.

Image credit: Julian Bleecker

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