A Road Trip Experience

Last weekend I spend a few days with my relatives in Finland. Since it's a large and fairly remote country a car is a necessity and I requires a rental car. I used to be a loyal Avis customer for many years, but a few years ago they started to under deliver on the cars advertised. When I rent a Volkswagen or similar I don't want to get a Skoda, Kia or anything alike.

The last few years I use a car rental broker that gives me better deals and allows me to experience more rental companies and different cars. Sofar I've had the best experiences with Hertz and Europcar when it comes to over deliver on the car promise. However both have also nasty habits with additional fees for extra drivers and deposits.

This trip I got a Volkswagen Golf SW that had plenty of room for my carry-on trolley. To my surprise it was a Diesel and by far the most fuel efficient car I've ever driven on similar trips. The Engine was powerful enough to deal with the hills and the occasional passing of slower vehicles. The 6 hour drive went very smooth and probably one of the most relaxed I ever did. However, boring as hell...

Due to the complex travel schedules my girlfriend came from another destination and also had a rental car. She arrived about half an hour later than me and in typical women style mentioned: My car is the same color as yours. I asked which car is it and she replied a Ford Fiesta. How is it? Good, if feels quick and steady on the road. I know what this means coming from her, because she has pretty high standards.

The frivolous Fiesta was a luxury model standing on a nice set of alloy wheels and was just fun to look at. When entering it was like a computer game, welcome to the future. The technical specifications of the car weren't even that spectacular, but it was definitely fun and invited to this (video). I would trade the Golf immediately for the Fiesta, deal with high fuel bills, have a less smooth drive, but have heaps of fun.

May be this is why I don't have a family, I don't want to get banned into the boring people movers.

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