Plaxo, You Disappoint me!

Last week I suddenly received a notification from Plaxo that their Microsoft Outlook synchronization becomes a Premium feature for EUR 42.95 per year. I was surprised, because it's not very common to suddenly charge for features and the price is significant. This requires me to evaluate other options.

Years ago, long before Plaxo tried to become an aggregator, I became a member of Plaxo. I liked the online address book and calender that could easily be synchronized between different services. It quickly became the hub between my business Exchange infrastructure and private Mac/Google infrastructure. It  all worked flawlessly and I'm sad about the changes.

Soon I need to start paying, a good moment to evaluate the value of the service. I've realized that over time the value of a synchronized address book and calender has become less and less. My iPhone now natively supports my business Exchange and the only thing left is the availability of my calender on my Mac. However since a while now Mac OS-X synchronizes the address book with Google and soon with the release of Snow Leopard also Exchange will be natively supported. This significantly reduces the need to synchronize calenders and address book.

I haven't yet evaluated any alternatives in detail, but I do know that the Plaxo value is NOT worth EUR 42.95 per year. I most likely will cancel my Plaxo membership, because the original reason for joining will be removed. All new features added since I joined haven't excited me at all. FriendFeed is a much better aggregator and LinkedIn is a better way to manage my business network.

Plaxo, I'm sorry... You have disappointed me!


I can quote completely what you said. I also liked the very early Plaxo and not what it has become now.
If you don't know it, try it seems like the old Plaxo, but I didn't have the time to study it deeply.


I have started a website that I hope people will use as an online address book. It's called The World's Oyster and it's free. There is no synching to anything yet but I hope to add that later. I'd love your feedback on the site if you have time to look at it. (


There seems to be a trend underway from Free to Paid.

IAC Chairman-CEO Barry Diller onstage at the Advertising 2.0 conference:

"People were so frightened of not being dinosaurs, and [burying] their heads, and not having what happened to the music industry happen to them, they just slapped everything up on the Internet for free," he said. "That's an accidental historical moment that will absolutely be corrected."

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