Google Chrome OS - I can't wait

I'm excited about todays news that it's finally true that Google is developing and operating system. I'll give you here the main reasons of my excitement

1. In my 'SkyDrive, I love and hate it' post I wrote about my goal to live in a completely web based world. This is just so much more convenient, because you know all your information is stored in 1 location, accessible from everywhere. I'm convinced that Google will tightly integrate the desktop with the web and Google Apps. I really hope that Microsoft now takes the opportunity to tightly integrate SkyDrive in the Windows Explorer.

2. In October 2008, about a year for the launch of Windows 7 I wrote: Windows 7 - I can't wait. The reason for the excitement was the promise of improved boot times, better performance and overall better responsiveness. Today I know that Windows 7 has made good steps forward, soon I will even be shown in an endorsement video, however it's still not fast enough. This announcement will force Microsoft to further improve on performance.

3. On Windows my default browser is Google Chrome, for the simple reason that it's very fast. Not only the JavaScript engine is fast, but especially the browser startup time is by far the fastest of all browsers. In our fast connected world we want to have information available quickly. It's all about performance.

4. Competition is good. This is not the atomic bomb on Microsoft or Apple as some are writing, but it will force these companies to innovate beyond the small incremental improvements we have seen in recent years.

5. I love the CrunchPad concept. For years I already would like to have a table that boots directly into the browser and removes all the other overhead. The simplicity of things creates extreme value.

So, let the games begin!

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