Finally Yahoo bings along with Microsoft

A lot has already been written about the Yahoo - Microsoft deal and you don't have to bing a lot to get boat  loads of information on the deal. I don't need to discuss it here. All what interested me was the fact that the deal is for 10 years.... and that is a really, really, really long time. It's actually almost as long as Googles existence and definitely longer than Microsoft's experience in search. In such a long period I of course expect boat loads of innovations.

I like to imagine how search will look like in about 10 years, but that is almost impossible. The objectives that I has a user have and that the search providing companies have are pretty different. The innovations can go into all kind of directions.

1. My goal is not to search for stuff, my goal is to find stuff. Unfortunately I currently need search for that, but it could very easily be that in 10 years time I've other ways to find stuff. Already to day it's often easier to ask the community on Twitter a question and often you get an instant reply. May be search will be crowd sourced instead of just indexing the web.

2. Search providing companies want to sell advertisements and make heaps of money on them. Today providing very targeted advertisements next to search results is a very effective way of doing this. However people are getting smarter, change their behavior and the advertisements will become less valuable in the future. The search providing companies will provide innovative ways to bring targeted  advertisements to me.

It's very likely that with a little more targeted competition for Google there will also be more innovation in search. It will be interesting to see where it's going and weather the innovation will be used to make me find stuff or overload me with add.

Let me know if you have an idea where search will be going.


Crowd-sourced searching has already been tried by Jason Calacanis, see:

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