Due to Heat Wave this Blog shows limited activity!

Here in the Netherlands we are currently having a very hot period in the summer. Since this doesn't happen very often and usually doesn't last more than a few days the office buildings aren't equipped very well to deal with the heat.

This is for me personally not very easy to deal with, because I'm just not very heat resistant. I'm constantly asking my self when I catch fire. This basically means that the day time at the office is wasted and not productive at all. I go out for long lunches, or figure out other useless things to do. This wouldn't be much of a problem, because I can't sleep due to the heat anyway and the night is good quiet time to catch up on work. However laziness for doing grocery shopping and tempting outdoors dinners with plenty of beer to cool down really suck the last bit of energy out of me. I'm adapting to the heat, but it's hard and really envy the people who enjoy the heat, stickiness and manage to function.

For this reason I'm not really able to write something useful here. I do regret this, because I do want my blog to be my home base. My reduced activities on Twitter and other communities are also effected, but are less of an issue for my regular readers. But not to be worried, I will resume posting as soon as the weather changes, what very likely here in the Netherlands will be soon.

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