Another Business Trip

I just returned from a short business trip to Munich. Both the trip and the flight was short, but long enough to finish 'The Inmates are Running the Asylum' that I started on my previous trip. It was a nice read, the issues that Alan Cooper addresses are real and still very actual today. The software industry is slowly starting to mature and it's a useful read when you want to look into further professionalizing the different disciplines in your software development organization. However the book is a bit dated and I personally don't like the 'Get a point across by extreme exaggeration' style of writing.

The trip also reminded me that it's again time for an update on how I'm doing with my New Years resolutions. Well I haven't done great, but I definitely have done better then the previous quarter. I'm not more fit, but I do exercise more, so there is a start. I've been eating healthier and slept more.. spend more time with my girlfriend but still work a lot.... However with so many people loosing their jobs I should be happy that I can work, so it's not really an issue. I will keep you updated on any further progress.

Image credit: Claire Louise

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