Writers Block - Too much Inspiration

Do you recognize this? paralyzed by information overload. In the last weeks I've collected so much information that currently my head is heating up while processing.

A week ago I was in Redmond where Microsoft gave insights into their Online strategy. It was very valuable, because it can be taken into consideration and reviewed for consequences and opportunities when working on product roadmaps. The event as I already earlier mentioned was under Non Disclosure, so I need to be careful about the disclosure. Back in the office after a week of travel is also extra busy. I had to initiate some new projects and in a larger group reviewed many of the product plans. This is always a very inspirational event, because it brings together a group of product influential people. As a consequence of the last two weeks I've too much information and ideas to get aligned. I want it to get out, but somehow my thoughts get blocked by the volume.

I could write about something completely different, for instance why Twitter needs groups or why I didn't upgrade my iPhone and actually feel bad about it. Unfortunately I get distracted by all the other thoughts when I try to do so. Instead I just didn't do anything this weekend. Next week isn't completely fully planned yet, so you will hear from me.

Image credit: Incessant Flux

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