Stop Your Attemps to Move Mountains!

The last few days I was traveling in the Swiss Alps. The Alps are impressive, sort of intimidating and show how powerful nature is. The Alps dominate the whole country, are often a hassle living and transportation and I'm sure there have been moments that people wished they could move the mountains. Unfortunately the Alps are still there and the people had to adapt.

However this resulted in a lot of creativity when adapting to the harsh circumstances. During my travels I really enjoyed the master pieces of creative and challenging engineering. This already started over a hundred years ago with the rail roads and continues today with road and trains constructions. The Alps are still there, but are a lot easier to handle.

If I reflect this onto business software there are some similarities. Customers in general don't like to move to newer versions unless the new version is at least ten times better. Knowing this we might consider stop our focus to move mountains, but instead be creative and provide innovative solutions that add significant customer value and make the existing solutions easier to manage.

... just some random thoughts...


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Just FYI, I saw a great documentary on the railways of the Swiss alps and Eurpean Industrialization. Wrote the places down to visit once. Very inspiring. I draw a totally different similarity. The engineers did there best to deliver great experiences. When the trains didn't went up the mountain smoothly they went back to the drawing board. Here innovation was always business driven, the Swiss wanted to get the tourists in.

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