The Real-Time Web

Dion Hinchcliffe, the dude from the nice charts, last week wrote an extensive post on The Evolving Web in 2009. One of the key characteristics of Web Squared, a term coined by Dion, is Real-Time. Lately there is a lot going on about the Real-Time web. A few months back FriendFeed started with real-time updates, Facebook tries to copy this and Twitter claims to have real-time search. When a celebrity dies we expect information to be found on Google, etc. etc. Real-time is hot, but also a controversity. Robert Scoble for instance wrote in his blogging week only that real-time systems might hurt long term knowledge and a while back Ben Parr already questioned if Real-Time is the future of the Web.

My take on it is very simple, like everything, real-time has a place on the web. Will it rule the web? I doubt, however we do have constantly increasing needs for information in our ever faster moving world. Therefor we will see many more places where real-time will be incorporated and even might be a differentiator.

Last week Vyoom launched, a social network designed with real-time in it's core. I've played around with it a bit and it allows you to share heaps of information in a real-time manner. This of course sounds great, but what it the use if you social friends are somewhere else. One of the concepts is that you can earn points for activity. The points can in return be redeemed for stuff. Sounds interesting, or is it just a way to capture more members. Feel free to check it out for yourself. Disclaimer, sign-up earns me points!


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