New Blog Design

Finally I've updated the design of my blog. This was a project that was in the planning for a long time, mainly because I don't have any design skills and needed help. A good colleague, Stella Pahinis helped me out with the header, icon and bullet design. I did the HTML and CSS work myself and dealing with Blogger templates was a bit of a learning curve.

There is a nice story behind the design. I like colorful shirts that are not always appreciated by my coworker, however I feel good and happy wearing them. Therefor I appreciate that the header is based on one of the colorful prints gradually going into a mind-map reflecting ideas and innovation.

The design now also includes a menu bar to quickly find my life-stream, contact information and allows in a later stage for more features to be added. The body text has gotten a bit more spacing and should be easier to read and the information about me is less prominent. I still have future plans and ideas, but you will automatically see them if you frequently visit.

Updated: Added the name of the good colleague that did the design: Stella Pahinis


good header design, abstract morph art to mindmap to aad.


Thx.. but all credit goes to Stella ;-)


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