Business Travel = Inspiration

The last few days I spend on a business trip in Redmond at the Microsoft campus. Due to the economic situation I travel significantly less than a year ago. At first it was nice to spend more time at home, but after this trip I realize that I do miss the travel.
1. Intercontinental flights are a good way to catch up on some reading. In the normal connected world it's for me difficult to concentrate for a longer period of time. All the time there are tweets, blog posts,etc. that 'require' attention. This time I finally started to read 'The Inmates are Running the Asylum' by Alan Cooper and already got half way
2. When traveling you get in a different environment and receive new impulses. These new impulses help you think creative and see things in new perspectives. For me this is very inspirational, see also my observations after a personal trip to Switzerland.
3. It gives an opportunity to do face to face meetings with friends and business relations all over the world. I publish my trips with the help of Dopplr in the sidebar of this blog. It's a great way of telling people that I'm in the area and possibly available for a face to face meeting.

In a few hours I will be flying back home and I've to make a choose between sleeping or finishing my book.

Image credit: thinkpanama