Bing versus Google Ego Search

I regularly search for myself on Google. I like to know how I'm represented on the web and it's good for my ego to be findable.  After the introduction of Bing I also had to do some ego searches. It showed some interesting results, but first Google.

Google, for most including me the de-facto search engine, shows the regular stuff when searching for my name. The first entry is this blog and next some profiles of social communities with Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn being the most important. This also reflects pretty well the places where I'm most active.

Bing shows some very interesting different results. The first entry is my Google profile that Google itself doesn't even mention. Next this blog, FriendFeed and SlideShare but the social media profiles where I'm most active are completely missing. However it does find a blog post I recently wrote on a Dutch blog, showing that Bing ranks fresh content pretty good.

Unfortunately for my ego I don't fill the full page. I either need to work on this, or just stick with Google.


Or enclose your search in double quotes - and find your alter-ego... :)

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