The Whuffie Factor

I'm not much of a reader, but it's cool that Tara Hunt got me into reading The Whuffie Factor. I enjoy it a lot, I haven't completed it yet, but somewhere half way I love the eleven ways to be notable:
  1. The dazzle is in the details. Pay attention to the special touches, the quality of the little things, and the element of surprise when designing your product.
  2. Go above and beyond. Figure out what your customers expect and where they are getting their most amazing experiences, then go beyond that.
  3. Appeal to emotion. They way you make you customers feel when they use your product will be the way they feel about you.
  4. Inject fun into your product. Stop taking yourself so seriously ans start having fun. Make your customers laugh and enjoy the experience.
  5. Make something mundane fashionable. Anything that was once routine and unsexy can be made fashionable.
  6. Design for flow. Integrate game development theory into customer experiences.
  7. Let people personalize. Customers want to feel like individuals; let them make your product uniquely theirs.
  8. Be experimental. Try new things, test out new products, involve your customers in innovation.
  9. Simplify. The easier your product is to use, the faster you customers will be falling in love with it.
  10. Make happiness your business model. Money can't buy your happiness, but certain companies have gone a long way to helping people achieving the basis of happiness: autonomy, competence, and relatedness
  11. Be a social catalyst. Help people connect through experiencing your product or service an you will build oodles of whuffie for making than connection.
Many of these statements you and I probably knew already, but ask yourself were you also living them. It's great to get reminded, it really reflected to a few discussions on choices and priorities I had last week. I need to fight better for being notable!
Tara, Thanks and excuse me for using some of your book.

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