Unified Communications, one step closer to calling People

Last week I wrote about phone numbers and their lack of usability and I really hope that one day we can forget about phone numbers and start calling people.

Image credit: Toby Bradbury 

Most mobile phones today already allow you to call people directly from the address book, but you still need to select their 'home', 'office' or 'mobile' number to use. I'm lazy and usually only call mobile numbers and forget about the others, but this does have a cost impact. I deliberately choose comfort over costs!

I also earlier wrote about Unified Communications and it's great benefits and advantages in communication. One thing I didn't mention earlier is the real capability to start calling people. Like mobile phones you can keep track of multiple phone numbers for each person and additionally use them in a smart way. You can configure a routing along the different phone numbers to balance between convenience and costs (e.g. If person is available try office phone first and if not answered switch to mobile). The phone numbers can now completely be hidden from the calling party. Now we are really calling people, without having to know any phone numbers. Integration of Unified Communications into business software can than simply replace all phone numbers with a simple 'Call me now!'

Everyday we already need to make so many choices, why making so many unnecessary ones?

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