Macbook Air Motherboard Failure

About 14 months ago I bought one of the first Macbook Airs. It's a great machine and really fits with me. It's sexy, simple, small, light and has a decent keyboard and screen. The SSD makes it dead silence, but the most important feature of Max OS-X is the instant resume from sleep. This makes it a great device when running from meeting to meeting, with only short breaks to check some mails, update you twitter etc. You never need to wait and the excellent battery life gets you easily thru the day.

However all the goodness came last weekend to an end. Without any real reason I decided to restart the machine, but this was a big, BIG, BIG, mistake. It never booted anymore, it just beeped. Ok, stuff breaks and can be repaired. Great companies handle this with respect and gives them an excellent opportunity to show their service levels. I expected great service, but instead I'm PISSED! The repair costs are about 30% of the new value. The warranty 1 year period is over, no discussion possible!

Apple, European consumers are entitled to a 2 year warranty period. Show you greatness and lets just split the repair costs.

Since I need to invest I can as well start looking for alternatives. Windows 7 is a good step into the direction of  Mac OS-X and Microsoft, may be you can use me in a Laptop hunters commercial.

I need a light and sexy, 12-13" screen laptop. It must have a SSD and I don't want to hear a fan spinning during normal operation. It needs to resume from sleep under 3 seconds. Any suggestions are welcome


I owe Apple an apology. I was pretty pissed because there was no room for negociation on the price of the repair. I expressed my disappointment and the repair guy took action. He dealt with it and now I got my MBA back... all repaired under warranty..

Well done Apple... just too bad it needed the repair guy to come in action..

You were luckier than me... I had to pay the 620€ for the repair.


I'm sorry to hear.. you might want to complain a bit more about it...

Now this is interesting!!! My MacBook air - after exactly 14 months like you describe - had the same problem. series of 3 beeps and does not turn on. I went to the representative in my country - and no warranty (2 months after 1 year...), and - motherboard needs to be switched = $900.
Guess what? I am moving back to PC. my macbook will stay at the lab.

ofcorse im keep running it.

i have been reading so many people like us me too 14 months and Beep beep beep and the man says cheaper to buy a new one so i bought a Mac book pro instead must be mad, but really 1600€ and this, well i have been PC for years the operating system is great on the MAC but the hardware sucks big time. all my old PC laptops are still working having been passed on to the kids friends etc, this is the shortest life ever for a Laptop i have owned not good i to will make a big fuss.


I'm not sure where everyone is having their Macbook Air repaired, but my mother board started to fail and my local Apple store replaced it 185.00 plus a 75.00 install fee. It took two days and I was up and running again.

My Macbook Pro dead already. Used it only for two years. Don't buy it


yeah,dont buy it. i have an apple laptop and my sister gave it to me,it takes more than 2years from her..Its nice a nice name APPLE..but the quality is not good..
my laptop had been broken the same with you..!!!!!

Best laptop i had was Mcbook. It was so nice.

cisco ccna



It is good for you to use an apple machine that is good for you and also the trustworthy there are possibilities that you can also use the Sony brand but if you are already using the Mac machine you need to have the same thing again.
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