Gladinet the ideal SkyDrive Software + Services solution

Earlier I wrote about my love hate relation ship with Microsoft SkyDrive. I love the 25Gb storage, but it's not very accessible. It would be great if Microsoft would make it possible to map SkyDrive in the Windows Explorer. Microsoft doesn't support this (yet), but Gladinet makes this possible today!

The Gladinet Cloud Desktop does exactly what I want. It connects to the cloud storage and makes it available in Windows Explorer as a normal mapped drive. Now you can easily copy, remove and drag files from one location to another. There is no difference when using a physical folder versus the cloud folder. A great example of a Software + Services solution. It actually allows you to map a lot more cloud services such as Amazon Storage, Google Docs, etc... but I haven't played with those yet.

If you like SkyDrive, use Windows I can really recommend using Gladinet.



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