The Future of Collaboration

Enhanced collaboration between people and companies is the future of business and social software. The social networking aspects in today's consumer focussed web 2.0 solutions will find a way into business software. Social is the new air, driving business, because business is essentially an other form of social interaction. These are just some of the thoughts that keep me busy.

Image by: Susan van Gelder 

Padmasree Warrior Chief Technology Officer of Cisco Systems, wrote a few weeks back her five very interesting predictions for the future of collaboration:
1. Collaboration Networks will be to Enterprises what Social Networks are to Consumers
2. It is not about “on-premise” versus “on-demand”, it will be all about the User Experience
3. Innovation will be redefined by Operational Excellence
4. Organizations without boundaries will drive the next wave of productivity
5. Information Technology will evolve into Information Fabric

Let me also hear your future ideas on collaboration



i have an inspiration to drill social business into peak performance after meeting c-levels who aspire to build community with veronica.

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