Cool Panorama Dashboard visualization

While preparing a presentation on dashboards I realized that the visualizations and the interactivity of a dashboard are the real eye catchers. Unfortunately interactivity is difficult to capture in a powerpoint. I needed something to blow away the audience and I found that in a Panorama iGoogle gadget. You can easily add the gadget to your iGoogle page and upload an Excel sheet with some sample data. The gadget is a fully functional analytic gadget, with different charts, grids, filters etc. You can very simple manipulate the layout with a few mouse clicks. This is nice on your private iGoogle page, but it's even cooler that you can easily embed a read-only version on your blog, like the one below.

Unfortunately the gadget comes with limited embedding options and always shows a useless header and footer, but they can easily be removed with some CSS hacks in your document.
1. The header: span.ig_lgbluetext {display: none;}
2. The footer: table.ig_tbl_line tr:last-child {display: none;} 

If you ever need a cool demo with some sweet visualizations, this is really an easy way to do so. Visit the Panorama website if you want to learn more.



Love this Gadget :):) It does looks amazing!

Very nice indeed. Like the intuitive way you can filter or change appearance

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