Convenience over Sophistication

A few months ago during a product brainstorm my colleague Clive Boulton coined the statement: Convenience over Sophistication. This to indicate the current change of times.

For a long time business software focused on sophistication, functions and features and sometimes forgot the actual user of the software. Today companies are opening their systems to their eco-systems and attract a different user base. These users can't be trained, need instant result and in short are only interested in convenience.

Yesterday I did a presentation for a select group of customers, it also reflects briefly on this.

After the presentation I spoke to one of the attending customers. His business was providing consultancy services and growing very quickly. He completely agreed with the 'Convenience over Sophistication' statement for the very simple reason: I'm only able to manage my growth with simple and convenient web based applications. He needs to manage a quickly growing number of clients with minimized management effort and the employees need to be productive as soon as possible with minimized training efforts.

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very inspiring. i registered the domain.

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