Beauty and the Geek

In the television show the Beauty and the Geek (or Beauty and the Nerd) it's about 2 stereotypes. First there are the beauties that solely rely on their looks and are constant party animals. Second there are the nerds that are over intelligent, but miss all possible social skills. Of course these are stereotypes and they are just caricatures representing two different social groups that make good television. After the show many of the contestants have learned, according to Wikipedia, much about interacting with people from different social groups, positive things about themselves and their own character.

Now two other stereo types

1. Social Software, the beauty, that is hot, sexy and everybody wants to work with. Takes all the media attention and everybody is talking about it.
2. Enterprise Software, the geek, that is complex, overloaded with functions and features and very difficult to use. It's boring missing innovation and seen as a necessity.

What could happen if we put the above two together? 

Social Software gets some more features and would start to respect the enterprise a bit more. A process that already has begun. Facebook already added verified applications to enhance trust and confidence. Twitter is considering premium tools targeting businesses that want to use twitter to stay in touch with their customers.

Enterprise software at the same time will become more social. We most likely will see this in the form of status updates and activity streams. This is what most enterprise vendors are working on.

All we need now is a reality television show where the product teams can battle out how to converge!


Inside the firewall, enterprise control apps
Outside the firewall, social community apps
Put the two together, social enterprise apps

There has to be an analytical way to measure the productivity bennefits...

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